Lilly Maytree is in Alaska today...

Lilly Maytree is in Alaska, today...looking for adventure and divine appointments. Want to follow along? Enter her ARMCHAIR TRAVELERS PORTAL


Advice and consent...

     As usual, the Professor has helped me to get right to the heart of things. We had a wonderful visit, during which I took him to my study and showed him the many interesting curiosities I brought back from my West African travels. It was there that he pointed out the necessity for me to return to what I do best and leave technical problems to the experts. Of course I had to remind him that was all fine and good if a person could afford them, but...

     "Widen your horizons, Lilly," he said to me. "There are other ways to get things besides using money. More and more people are resorting to the barter system every day. During times like these, they have to. Just take something you don't need and trade it for something you do."

     A thought which so intrigued me that I quite agreed. After that, we had a wonderful bit of lunch on the veranda and finished off the visit by talking about his latest research project. Something he calls the "Polarity Theory" that he feels might very well provide us all with an inexpensive alternative fuel. That and a vehicle that is such a marvel of simplicity that even I could drive it. Another reminder of why I consider him one of my dearest friends.

     He has such a great capacity for entertaining.

Current work-in-progress: An unexpected mystery has suddenly taken a grip on me I can't wrestle away from. It is titled Dreadful Sorry. Mysterious? Yes. Adventure? Of course.  Luring me to the north country and a cold, chilling sea...



But how do you drive it?

So, it has been a bit more difficult than I planned getting this trip under way. Not like buying tickets for planes, trains, or buses. And certainly nothing like charting a course for one's yacht. Even a valid passport doesn't do much good here in cyberspace. 

Hmmm... you know I think that phrase is actually outdated already? That's how fast things change around here. But -- like any other foreign country -- one must take a good deal of time learning the language. I have also found it helpful to ask for assistance.

Which is why I have invited my good friend, the Professor to pay a visit tomorrow and explain some of these technical things to me in a language I can better understand. Things like "servers" who don't serve tea, "hosts" one has to tip at the door even though you've been invited to come in, and "pointers" who are so invisible they can't possibly be of any use to bewildered travelers such as myself.

In the meantime, I'll just get back to my study and the current work-in-progress, which is heating up quite nicely. The leading lady has come home unexpectedly during the workday only to discover a man in her house...

Now, that, I can deal with.

Current work-in-progress: The Pandora Box. Romantic? Yes. Adventure? Of course. 

A New Vehicle...

Finally a place to call one's own! However, I consider this something of a cyber-spaceship, and as such, will have to take some time to see how she handles. When I have discovered all the little quirks and nuances -- and am sure I can shuttle you around without mishap -- we will begin our adventures.

Till then, stay tuned.