Lilly Maytree is in Alaska today...

Lilly Maytree is in Alaska, today...looking for adventure and divine appointments. Want to follow along? Enter her ARMCHAIR TRAVELERS PORTAL


Hold Everything!

Well, dear readers, my ARMCHAIR TRAVELERS have voted, and we are changing direction to head west to the Rockies instead of north. Both destinations would have gotten us there, but each have entirely different things to look at. And what a surprise! As the Captain went over the maps for this route, we find we will be reaching the most southern prong of the Rocky Mountains, that stretch all the way down into New Mexico. Not only will we be in the mountains sooner, but we could be chasing down some legends and ghost towns by the weekend. Treasure hunts are underway, and we are anticipating adventure. So, stop by the ARMCHAIR TRAVELERS PORTAL if you get a bit of time.

coming from Harbourlight Books
"The beacon in Christian fiction."
Meanwhile, I'm getting ready to start work on another "Stella Madison Caper," while the first one, HOME BEFORE DARK, will be available July 13... just in time for some light summer reading. Well, maybe not so light. Things like this could happen to anyone, really, and who ever sees them coming? No one does, so, how is a person to cope? Find out next month when Stella makes her first appearance.

Does it feel like summer, yet?

It definitely does around here!


What's The Mystery?

We're off, dear readers, on the second leg of the MYSTERY TOUR, on a trail to the Rocky Mountains. What's the mystery? The answer is in our first ever video log, over at the ARMCHAIR TRAVELERS PORTAL (which you can still sign up for if you would like to travel along). Meanwhile, in honor of GOLD TRAP (my tale of high adventure and divine appointment) we are following a gold trail to some very mysterious places from which I will be bringing back souvenirs for contest winners. 

What kind of contest? Solving mysteries, of course. One for each destination of our journey. First stop, Victor, Colorado, where we will explore some back roads and local legends of lost treasure. Some of which are true, while others aren't. The trick is figuring out which ones. The first that caught my eye is called "The Ten Cent Treasure." If you can track down this legend and tell me whether it is true or false, I'll put your name in the Captain's Hat for the first drawing. You will get a Rocky Mountain Souvenir if you win this one, but more details on that, later.

During the MYSTERY TOUR, I'll be updating this blog on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, so, stay tuned. Oh, yes, and anyone who sends out the troops if I get lost will get a reward. 

Do you think this is a good idea, or what?

See you on Monday!


MONDAY'S CHILD by Clare Revell...

I'm reviewing MONDAY'S CHILD by Clare Revell over at LILLY'S BOOK CLUB, today, dear readers, so please paddle on over and catch a look if you have time. And remember, I'll be spotlighting a book over there every week throughout the summer, so, enjoy!

I should also mention that the ARMCHAIR TRAVELERS PORTAL is now open. So, if you would like to travel along on our MYSTERY TOUR, just fill out the form over on the ARMCHAIR TRAVELERS page, and you will be sent the link to the portal so that you can participate in the many different things we will be doing there. Today is the beginning of our first Treasure Hunt, and if you like that sort of thing, feel free to enter. The more, the merrier, as they say.

Jump in any time, the Captain and I would love to have you along!


The last winner of theCaptain's Hat drawing has been posted. Many thanks to everyone who commented, I truly enjoyed meeting you all. And now GOLD TRAP is shortly to embark on a MYSTERY TOUR. But first, a few loose ends to sort out...

In the hustle of packing for the long journey ahead, I lost a day somewhere. Time definitely got away from me, but there's no need to worry, as I always find my way back sooner, or later. However, I have also misplaced some ARMCHAIR TRAVELERS along the way, and that is most disturbing. 

Pilot error (again!), I must confess, because I apparently don't know how to set the alert mechanism on my google docs form (any suggestions, please leave them in the comment area). This is truly worse than not being able to find my other self on Facebook (I still don't understand why there has to be three of me on there), because when it is only me that is lost, at least I know I'm all right. And that I will eventually get somewhere as long as I keep paddling. But to lose a little group of my travelers is entirely unacceptable. 

So, I will be doing my utmost to gather you all up over the next week, and if you don't hear from me with your ticket information by Friday, please send up a smoke signal over on my Facebook page… or twiddle me on twitter… or make a mention in the comment section of this blog, and I will paddle right over and pick you up. 

Let me encourage you not to be deterred by this little mishap. The nice thing about armchair traveling is that you get all of the adventure without any of the risk. And the only thing the Captain and I will require of you is -- if we don't show up at one of our destinations -- that you would please tell somebody and send out the troops. But more about that, later.

This second part of our journey will be by car, so that we can explore some of the backroads of Victor, Colorado. There is a bit of an unsolved mystery there, having to do with gold. Not to mention some very important divine appointments. So, hold onto your hats, dear readers… departure is only a few days away…



Yesterday's winner of theCaptain's Hat drawing has been posted (if it wasn't you, try again...  I'm going to give the last ebook copy of GOLD TRAP away, today)... 

Well, it has been quite the interesting week of blog hopping (thank you John 3:16 Marketing Network!), and I have enjoyed meeting new authors and finding so many interesting books. I hope you will feel free to come back and visit me now, and again, and I especially hope you will take some time to visit my web site over at 

Within the next few days, the Captain and I will be starting the second leg of our journey, and heading for the Rocky Mountains, and we will be taking some "Armchair Travelers" right along with us. We are on the trail of some divine appointments, and any way you look at it things will be interesting. For more information on that, just drop by my "travels" page. 

And if you haven't checked out my inspirational adventure novel GOLD TRAP, you can do that over on the Books page. I will be giving away one more ebook version at the end of today, just leave a comment to enter the Captain's Hat drawing.

Meanwhile, thank you to all those who dropped by, and helped to make this "hop" a truly unique experience. I know you will be blessed with whatever choices you made. Would you do something like this, again?

I know I would!



In the John 3:16 Blog Hop, you will find something for everybody. That's because there are nearly two hundred (maybe more, now) dedicated authors who are committed to getting good books -- inspiring books -- into the hands of readers. They will literally go "the second mile" to get their books out there. And while you can find a great variety of categories, I have to confess I usually stick to the few I like most to read in. I think everybody does. Because no matter how organized any of us are, none of us gets more than twenty-four hours in our day. 
on Amazon, today!

But I have a lot of gifts to buy throughout the year. And a huge variety of personalities (and ages) on my list of people to buy for. Of course, there's no way I can read all the books I buy for everyone. I used to, but my family kept expanding. Now, I have to depend on perusing a chapter, or two, and reviews. I put a lot of store in reviews. Still, the amount of time it takes to comb through books online until you find something that fits, is another matter. 

Which is why I was so extremely pleased to discover the John 3:16 Network's anthology of first chapters called TASTE AND SEE. What a boon! Now I can browse through a distilled collection of excellent literature for almost any age and type, without always having to wade through hundreds to find something appropriate. 

For instance, I came across a delightful two-book set by Carol Brown, called SASSY PANTS and SASSY PANTS MAKES AMENDS. I don't mind saying I read both of those straight through, even though they were for kids. And you know what I think? 

I think there are a lot of adults out there that could do with reading that book, too. What a beautiful explanation of not only what "making amends" means, but how to do it. Not to mention the lively writing style and all the fun characters. But there's a message hidden in there… a very important one. I'm so glad I met Carol Brown and her books (she writes wonderful adult books, too) because it has definitely been a pleasure. One I would have missed out on, if I hadn't discovered the John 3:16 Marketing Network.

Have you found any new books you would like to add to your summer library? Feel free to share them with me (I'm always on the lookout for good books). I hope, by now, you're enjoying some unexpected pleasures along the John 3:16 blog hopping trail, too!



The winner of the Captain's Hat drawing for day five of the John 3:16 Blog Hop has been posted. If it wasn't you, try again!  I'm going to give another ebook copy of GOLD TRAP away, today... 

I've been a Christian for a long time. Heard a lot of teaching in my time, too. I even feel I've got a pretty good handle on how God works, and the way to get an instant connection to Him when you are in trouble. There are a lot of subjects I feel confident I know much of everything there is to know about, and most by personal experience. 

Boy, am I wrong.

Never has it been so obvious since I joined the John 3:16 Networking group. There are a lot of wonderful pastors, and excellent teachers there. But they are a little bit different than most of pastors and teachers I have come across over the years. What's different about them? Well, I'll tell you…

These people not only have a message to share, they are literally driven to present it in the most excellent way possible, to meet the greatest amount of need. No kidding. And, as if that wasn't enough, they are forever giving their work away free just for the benefit of others. 

I have to confess there are times when I overspend on my budget and the end of the month comes around looking scary empty. But I don't know how many times I have been roaming through books to add to my "summer library" that I have stumbled across one of theses specialties being offered for absolutely free. That happened with a book I wanted to read called HOW TO SLEEP LIKE A BABY by Bob Saffrin. I was interested in any little tips or tricks I might learn about that I hadn't tried, yet.

What a surprise, I got! That little book is blessed. It does more than change your sleep patterns, it changes your God perspective. All of a sudden, peace. All of a sudden comfort, all of a sudden… sleep. For heaven sake, this ingenious method not only works for sleeping, it spills over into a lot of other areas of your life, too. By osmosis, or something. Just another unique treasure you can get from this amazing week of the John 3:16 Network Blog Hop. Today, I'm thinking if you could only get one, get this one.

Except now I'm wondering what's up for tomorrow…



The winner of the Captain's Hat drawing for day four of the John 3:16 Blog Hop has been posted. If it wasn't you, try again!  I'm going to give another ebook copy of GOLD TRAP away, today... 

I love adventure. There's no secret about that. Which is probably why I like reading about adventure, too. I especially like reading about people out of history who have done things I would hope I would have the courage to do, if faced with a similar situation. In this day and age of total luxury that has evolved into necessity in many places, it's hard to imagine the things some folks have had to live through in our own near history. There are people who have told about these things and written about them so well, that you come away feeling almost as if you had had the experience, yourself.

Rather amazing.

One of the books I have in my summer reading library is just this kind of book. It is called NIGHT OF THE COSSACK by Tom Blubaugh, and is the retelling (in novel form) of an incident that happened in his own family history. I confess, I have read the first chapter of this book, too. I can't help it, the same thing happens to me when I bring books home from the library… I get so excited, I have to read the first chapter of each before I can settle down enough to pick which one to start with. Anyway, this exciting book is second on my list to read on my summer travels. And I have a feeling it will be a very quick read, as this is one of my absolute favorite types of adventure stories. The account of a boy's transformation into a man.

It starts off with a disaster (often a major turning point in people's lives, eh?) and I don't have to tell you how hard it was for me to tuck that one away for summer. I'll let you know how it affects me, and if I find anything of value to bring back into my own world. But, once again, you don't have to wait for my opinion. You can get it yourself, instantly, over at the kindle store. Just click on the book cover to go there. 

Come back and tell me what you think. Oh, and don't forget to head over to the John 3:16 Blog if you would like a chance to win one of the two Kindles they are giving away. Really quite the revolution in reading.

I think you're going to like it.

Meanwhile, pick another blog from the sidebar on the right of this page and enjoy yourself. That's what I'm going to do...



The winner of the Captain's Hat drawing for day three of the John 3:16 Blog Hop has been posted. If it wasn't you, try again!  I'm going to give another ebook copy of GOLD TRAP away, today... 

Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings
One week to look through fifty-five blogs (well, fifty-four, not counting my own) in search of my summer "traveling library." When I am sleeping out under the stars in a mountaintop ghost town that only the wild things frequent, these days, I have a feeling I will want to know How that Pulitzer Prize winning author, Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings made her famous raised biscuits in an iron Dutch oven while paddling through Florida swamps on "Gator hunts." I might also want to know how you manage to get to sleep in strange places, when you have a lot of things on your mind. I know I will want some insights into scriptures I have passed over all my life and thought I understood, only to be delighted in some new perspective that will give me hours of pleasurable contemplation. These are the things about summer that I look forward to.

I also absolutely love to read true stories about people who have done amazing things. I might even go so far as to say this is my favorite type of reading material. My definition of inspirational. Five days from today, we will be starting out on the second stage of our MYSTERY TOUR, and I will officially be able to jump into my summer reading. I can tell you, right now, which book I will start with… 

It's one I have been saving back like a special box of chocolates. And I confess I have already sampled a little. I literally had to tear myself away from it and make myself pack it away for later. It is Lorilyn Roberts book CHILDREN OF DREAMS. The true story of how she set out on a dangerous adventure through foreign countries -- all by herself -- to save two precious children and make them her own. It is a miracle story, full of God's love and God's intervention on behalf of someone who was (and still is!)  brave enough to step out in faith for what He had planted in her heart. Such an amazing story, and such an amazing woman… I can't wait to read it. I'll share a review of it over at LILLY'S BOOK CLUB as soon as I finish.  

But you don't have to wait that long. You can get your own copy for free, today, by clicking on the book cover. You can start reading instantly, in fact. Then come back and tell me what you think. I bet you'll never look at motherhood the same, again.

I know I won't.

Now, I'm off to do more hopping through that wonderful network of John 3:16 bloggers. The full list of participants is on the sidebar if you are planning to do the same. Happy hopping, dear readers!



The winner of the Captain's Hat drawing for day two of the blog hop has been posted. If it wasn't you, try again...  I'm going to give another ebook copy of GOLD TRAP away, today... 

One of my favorite activities of summer are the books I get to read for pure enjoyment. There are a lot of them. In the past, I would have to pick and choose very carefully, as I could only allow myself one suitcase for books on our summer travels. Not counting the ones I would buy along the way, because they could be shipped home along with the ones I had already read. But things are different this year. 

This is the first year I will be traveling with Kindle. And knowing this, I have been collecting enjoyable reading material, all year long. Now, there are no limits. Because on Kindle, I can take more books than I could read over the next ten years. Ahh… bliss! Here's another thing. I have started out to search only the books that are five dollars, or less. You might ask how I could bear to miss out on the truly good and current ones that are set at a much higher price. Being the book-lover that I am.

Well, I'll tell you. Most of those books go on sale, or are given away free during limited time campaigns. And I am always keeping a regular lookout for those. Finding one that I've been waiting for carries much the same thrill for me as finding some obscure treasure out of history in some far away small town thrift shop that I might be passing through. It's sort of like… 

Well, it's sort of like gold fever. Which can go terribly bad when not handled properly. Something that happened (by accident?) in my inspirational adventure novel, GOLD TRAP. But that's all I'm going to say about that, right now.

Because that, dear readers, is another story. Meanwhile, I hope you're enjoying the blog hop. Oh, yes... and if you haven't entered the Kindle drawing (remember they're giving away two), you can do that over on the John 3:16 Marketing Network.

See you tomorrow!



Yesterday's winner of the Captain's Hat drawing has been posted (if it wasn't you, try again...  I'm going to give another ebook copy of GOLD TRAP away, today)... 

In honor of my wonderful delight in choosing good books to read this summer, I am doubly excited to be taking part in the John 3:16 Network Blog Hop. This is aside from the fact that I am a member, and a blog participant, and hosting a drawing and giveaway, right here on my own blog (rules and prizes on my sidebar). What I am talking about now, though, is my own hunt for some good summer reading. 

While I don't stop working entirely during the summer, I do cut way back on the work load, in order to take some time out for divine appointments, and adventuring to mysterious places.  As well as some long awaited reading for pure enjoyment. For this, I have been collecting books all year long. Most of which have little to do with my own writing, and much to do with my many various interests in life. 

Like how do country people in the south of France make homemade yogurt? Or when is the best time to sail through "The Minkies" without ending up on the rocks. What gave Sarah Bernhardt the courage to go head to head with a Nazi commander in a life or death situation and survive only because of divine intervention? I wonder about these things. To tell you the truth, I delight in them.  Because I have brought something back into my own life from each of the entertaining books that has enriched my own home, as well as who I am as a person.

Like my favorite dessert cake. The recipe for which I got from a peasant woman who lived in Brittany during the Edwardian Era. I remember her every time I make that cake, and it is one of life's small pleasures for me. My life (like most) is made up of many small things. Taking the initiative to choose what to add to my collection of small things has made me feel like a very rich woman. So, enjoy yourselves, dear readers, as you hop along looking for something to add to your own collection of small things. I know I certainly will. Oh, yes, and don't forget...

A complete list of blog participants is posted on my sidebar for your convenience in hopping to your next blog from here. 

Thanks for stopping by!

Welcome John 3:16 Blog Hoppers!

The first day has finally arrived, dear readers, and as one of the members of this great network of Christian Authors, I am excited to share this event with you! We have come together this week to showcase our books and to give you, our readers, a chance to win some great prizes as you "hop" from blog to blog. A different prize is offered at each blog site (no purchase necessary), however if you want to have a chance to win one of two Kindles the network is giving away, the only requirement is that you sign up for the John 3:16 ezine newsletter. (Located at the top right side column of the John 3:16 blog site.)
At the other blogs, each author will require that you leave a comment (and a valid email address) so they may contact you if you win a prize offered on their blog site.
May I also suggest that you show your love and appreciation to each blog host by either following them on Twitter, or "liking" them on Facebook or even subscribing to their blog. It won't help your odds of winning a prize but I know each author would be thrilled and very encouraged!
Here on my blog I will be giving away an ebook copy of my inspirational adventure novel, GOLD TRAP, to one commenter, each day of the blog hop (check the sidebar for details). I will also keep a list of the rest of the blog hop participants, as well, so it will be easy for you to continue "hopping" from here. 
So, tell your friends about the John 3:16 Giveaway Blog Hop! Not only is it going to be a great week of fun, but it is also a wonderful opportunity for you to personally meet some very special writers. Ready? Happy hopping!