Lilly Maytree is in Alaska today...

Lilly Maytree is in Alaska, today...looking for adventure and divine appointments. Want to follow along? Enter her ARMCHAIR TRAVELERS PORTAL


The Adventure Begins...

Well, we're off. A bit slower than I expected, but en route nevertheless. A good deal of time has passed since I last traveled in the Puget Sound area, but how I love it. When one can take in mountains, forest, and sea in the same glance. It just doesn't get any better. That's how I feel today, anyway, as I sit typing this entry with a cool breeze wafting through and no time constraints. Which is what I like best about adventuring: nothing but the "now" to live in.

So, the topic is adventure and, in my quieter moments, I'm reading a biography of Eudora Welty. A bit dry starting off, but when I came across one of her definitions of adventure (yes-- and I wasn't even looking for it) and went on a search for a scrap of paper to write it down on... Well, I was taken back to a time many years ago, when I read her autobiography. That volume was so beautifully written, that I underlined or highlighted half the book... Ah, yes... that's what I found so exceptional about Eudora Welty.

Here's what I wrote down today. "All serious daring starts from within." You know, I think that's true. When it comes to adventure, anyway. I am also finding there are adventures other than the physical ones, that are as exciting (if not more) than just visiting new places and seeing new things.

Maybe I'll look into that topic tomorrow.

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