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Good News...

This summer, I had visions of long idyllic hours to work on my current manuscripts without any interruptions from the outside world. That busy one, where there's always something else that needs to be done. After all, I was going on a cruise.

No animals to feed, no house to clean, no meetings to attend. No traffic noises and no TV. Truly an author's dream. But there is a great space between the way things are, and the way they ought to be. Instead of my uninterrupted idyllic hours, I have traded all those other things for near collisions, actual collisions (most of which were my fault for not moving fast enough), mechanical breakdowns, the boat filling up with various things like oil one time and water the next, and finally ending up hard aground. None of which was life-threatening, or as serious as it seemed at the time. I think.

At least, that's what the Captain tells me. 

Meanwhile, I have not finished one project (much less all) that I planned on. My poor characters are scattered all over the place. Even the kids. I have taken to not believing my calendar rather than accept there are things on it I've missed entirely and didn't notice until weeks later (what's up with that?) And whose idea was it to go on this crazy trip in the first place? 

While most people are planning book tours in well-populated areas, I had to take mine right off the map. How many business cards and bookmarks was I figuring to hand out in wilderness places? After a while, I even started worrying that divine appointment I was trying not to miss might be something of a personal summons from the Lord, Himself, to find out why I wasn't busy doing that thing I was asked to do in the first place. 

To which I would have to admit that I have lost my focus, here, and seriously need some help to fulfill all those obligations. Because the ability to work twelve to sixteen hours a day that I was banking on, was no longer functioning. At least not right now. Yes, I had gotten myself into this mess, but there was no way I could get myself out. 

Mostly because I would have to go the speed of light to get through the mountain of work that had piled up while I was off on my own agenda. An absolute impossibility for someone who normally moves at the pace of a turtle. Of course, I felt guilty. But I asked anyway. After all, if there is nothing too hard for God, this should be no problem for Him. Right?

But would He do it?

So, while I sat at my computer with a horrid case of reality setting in,  and sputtering like a cold engine, I happened to notice that somebody--days, or maybe even weeks ago--had nominated my novel GOLD TRAP for fiction Book of the Month voting over at The Book Club Network. And I began to see a glimmer of light ahead. A way where I could possibly catch up virtually to where I had "gone off the road" physically. I could see a way out!

Now, a lot of people might argue whether, or not, that was a miracle. But I will tell you how I know that it was. Because before I prayed, I was in a big confused mess that was impossible to deal with. And afterward, I not only saw a way out, I had the confidence to take it. Not to mention how many wonderful people over there who are willing to share help and advice. At any rate, I am feeling wonderfully, incredibly blessed by it all.

Thank you, God.

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