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Suite T, Anyone?

I have always admired southern hospitality, and often wished I was in on some of those secrets that can make a guest--any guest--feel so welcome. It's beautiful country, too. Something I know first hand, having had the wonderful opportunity (thank you, Sally Apokedak!) to actually spend some time in the Blue Ridge Mountains, last fall, after having only visited via many months of research for a novel.

So, I felt very honored when I was invited to do a guest blog over on Southern Writers Magazine's author blog, "Suite T." It's a place where people share worthwhile tips and insights of the writing life, along with many interesting discussions on what has proved helpful in their journey. Personally, I've had a rather unusual journey. Still, I decided to share THE ONE THING that has made all the difference for me.

And while I started out to write something helpful about character development, I have to admit it turned into an explanation of why I so often end up literally "jumping into my characters' shoes" to see if life could really be lived that way. That same thing that has landed me--at this very moment--afloat on the Pacific Ocean, aboard the Glory B, in the middle of an "adventure of a lifetime." For which I can make no apologies, because everything I said in that article is absolutely true. Not only is it how I arrived at this place, but how I have every intention of continuing on.

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Simply because I find being an "inspirational adventure novelist" one of the most exciting professions in the world. Utterly divine. At the same time, I believe in telling the absolute truth of the way things really are. Which is why I will be available over at the Suite T site, this evening, to answer any questions that might come up about my "divine encounter." And whether it has, or hasn't, stood "the test of time." I would love it if you would join me there, to chime in on your own opinion of the matter. 

I know you will be more than welcome!


  1. I love fiction set in the south and I simply love the southern way of life. Someday I will live there, too!

    1. Or, at least have an especially long visit, right? One of the reasons I enjoy "traveling a circuit" is that there are so many places I love to stay longer than just a visit. Not to mention my favorites tend to change depending which research project I'm on.