Lilly Maytree is in Alaska today...

Lilly Maytree is in Alaska, today...looking for adventure and divine appointments. Want to follow along? Enter her ARMCHAIR TRAVELERS PORTAL



In the old days, when one had guests, they might stay anywhere from several days to indefinitely. People who practiced this usually had large enough houses (or estates) to accommodate them. Traveling was harder and took longer in those days, too, and some people traveled so far away they were never heard from, again.

Many of the working classes had long-term guests as well. But they were more along the variety of relatives that needed a place to stay (most of history actually happened without government help), or friends of friends who were down on their luck. These type of guests almost always pitched in with the family workload, making them an asset even if things were a little more crowded around the house.

These days, even though we can get places quicker, we are much more isolated. TV has helped with that, because not only is it a great babysitter, it keeps the adults pretty quiet, too. At the same time, there has never been so much freedom for individuals to do exactly as they please, without having to explain themselves to anybody. Which is why I so thoroughly enjoy living the way I do. I can be gone for months at a time, and still come back to my splendid little hideaway, here, for all the peace and quiet I need for writing my adventure stories. Oh, but I absolutely love guests, and even though it is far off the beaten track, you'd be surprised how many make it a point to come for regular visits. My dearest friends, especially.

So it is that I am inviting a very large crowd for the entire month of October, in honor of my book GOLD TRAP which is to be launched this very next Saturday. Fellow time-travelers, some of them, not to mention several interesting adventurers, and even a few of my author friends. I'll be introducing them all month long. There will be plenty of interesting discussions to join in on, delicious food and beverages, and a number of lovely spots to slip off to for anyone that simply needs to be alone with their thoughts for awhile. So, I hope you'll stop by as often as you can to join us, because you're invited, too.

Heavens, it just wouldn't be the same without you.

Now, off to work on PANDORA...


  1. Thanks for the invitation. Wishing you success with gold trap.

  2. Thank you, J.L. Campbell... I'm so glad you stopped by. I have been slow catching up with campaigners, but now that the dust has settled a bit, I hope to make some rounds before the grand finale. Yours will be one of the first places I head for!