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Mad Things…

OK. A little bit of a blog-writing challenge from Isis Rushdan (thank you, fellow campaigner) about "the maddest things to happen to me" over the last two days. Well, my goodness, what did we let loose here? Because -- as if right on cue -- the craziest "mad things" began flying at me, as soon as I read those words…

It all began with an electrical glitch (hmm… could there be some connection?) that effected my computer. Which in turn tangled up my responses while trying to set up a Facebook page to link up with my website. Mostly because I wanted to like so many of you out there who have become my friends. But did you know that not just anyone can push one of those "like" buttons? No, you must have a Facebook page, yourself, in order to participate in that sort of thing. But -- speaking of sorts -- it turns out they don't even allow my sort to have one of those pages.

Which rather made me mad, in another sort of way (and this kind is worse than the first, I think) because I began speaking a piece of my mind to the powers that be, over there. Having absolutely no idea that the "record" button was still on. Faith and Begorrah! Now, everything I said and did, yesterday, is plastered up all over my dear sponsor's news feed (not to mention her walls). And that after she so kindly agreed to share her space with me, under condition I would mind my manners. Now, we are stuck in a terrible quandary of whether she should sacrifice her reputation over the whole thing, or I should. Good grief, and I only just got there!

Now, I've had to call in the cavalry for help (better than waiting till they come after me), for the entire blow-up has gone way beyond both of us. Mad, indeed! Still, all this has led me to wonder just how much control one actually has over these little "mad things" that plague all our lives in the first place. So, if you've had any similar experiences, dear reader, pipe up and share some of them, will you?

Then I won't feel so alone out here.

And, now, to work for the day...


  1. Computers, internet, software,.. are always a good thing to make you mad, I guess. I have a master degree studying those kind of thing, and believe me, the more you know, the madder it gets.

    And to answer your question, I think the maddest thing that happened to me is... I sent a complaint letter to a shoe brand, since the sandals I bought from them not a month ago had the front sole peeled off. Their response? I should go complain to the store where I bought them. GAH.

    PS: I'm a fellow campaigner from your adult fiction group and my blog is over at

  2. Hello, Astrid... nice to meet you! A master's degree in computers -- I am in awe of you. You must have a deep well of patience and a great love of puzzles. But the shoe thing, well, nobody could love that. And it never ceases to amaze me how many illogical reasons people manage to come up with, these days, for not doing something they should.

    Thanks for sharing, and here's wishing you many more happy shoes.

  3. Just stopping by to say hello and give a follow. I'm part of your campaigner group. (15, adult fiction.) I'm looking forward to getting to know you over the course of the campaign! My blog is over at

    And let's see. The maddest thing... I don't think anything really mad has happened to me in the last few days! Perhaps that I have smashed my left elbow six times in the last 32 hours. The poor thing is all bruised.