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The Truth About Michael Duncan...

This week, I'm visiting with Michael Duncan, author of: 

SHADOWS: Book of Aleth Part One 
(see Lilly's Book Club page for my review) 

He is also a man who is very dedicated to the truth. No doubt why finding the truth is the main focus of his fantastic adventure. I happen to think it's a topic we all find most important at some time, or other in our lives. So, Michael… 

How did this theme come to be so important to you, and why did you write this particular book?

Well, during a time of great suffering I was forced to the very edge of despair. To keep from going over the edge, I turned to my childhood desire to create stories and found a great catharsis in the process.  

I wrote, Shadows: Book of Aleth, Part One to express through allegory the need to passionately pursue the truth. I like to write about the need for and restoration of truth.  I find that our world is filled with lies and in each strata of life, truth must be made known.

How interesting that so much of who we are in our adult years can be traced back to childhood. Can you think of any specific experience in your youth that you feel most contributed to who you are today?

On a log, bleached white by the sun, I once sat and watched a storm slowly progress through the islands until it began to approach my location.  I was amazed at the simple grandeur and awesome power of the storm as a wall of rain approached.  I knew then, there was a God.

You were on an island when that happened?

I grew up on an island. Probably why I love to visit the islands of Puget Sound in Washington State. It brings me a sense of being “home.”

So, it sounds like you've been a writer "with a calling" for a very long time then. What do you like most about that?

I love the ability to express God’s gifts of creativity and imagination.  God is not a static, sterile Creator.  To look at the wonders of the world and the universe, and the micro-universe of cellular biology and the intricacies of life itself, you must conclude that God is the God of creativity and imagination.

I agree, and it is so true. That being said, exactly what kind of readers do you write for?

I write for the hungry heart.  My readers are young and old, men and women, professional as well as the “blue-collar.”  If a person is looking for nothing more than an escapist story, they will find what they need.  But for those who seek to go deeper and find meaning in what I write, they will discover that there is a message in the midst of the story.

There definitely is, and I liked that part best. Now, just for my own curiosity, have you ever had what you would consider a divine appointment?

I’ve had many “divine appointments.”  Meeting the woman who would become my wife, connecting with the church I currently pastor, and finding my writing accepted by Harbourlight Books I would consider all divine appointments.  The most current, I believe, is connecting with Tony Marino of Alive in Christ radio network (  We met through a social network (LinkedIn) and through an author interview he did with me, we’ve become friends and co-laborers in Christ, leading to the probability of hosting my own weekly radio program.

That is so exciting, Michael. A Definite imprint of God's "footsteps" if you ask me. And as long as we're talking about future plans, can you tell us a little about the  manuscript you're working on right now?

I’m working on three manuscripts right now—two fiction novels and one non-fiction biblical look at the church.  One of the novels is the third in my “Aleth” series.  The first book is already out and the second comes out in the summer of 2012.  The other novel is a closely guarded secret.  The third, the biblical look at the church, explores a question that I have often heard: “How do I know a good church?”

Those all sound very interesting, I'll look forward to them. I have to admit I'm especially drawn to the "closely guarded secret."  Then, again, I guess that's just human nature. Which is probably why I'm curious about something else, too. If it were possible to take a "time-travel" trip, where would you most like to go?
Evan Roberts in 1905

I would take a trip back to 1905, to the country of Wales, to listen to the preaching of Evan Roberts during the Welsh revival.

Ahh… signs of your calling, again. Considering that, I wonder what the best adventure you ever had was.

Well, after leaving the Air Force, I took two months and traveled through the western states preaching and teaching God’s word, spending time in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, and a host of small towns and villages until I arrived back home in Washington. 

Truly the adventure of a lifetime. And I'm sure one that gave you a first-hand look at an amazing variety of people. So,having seen things on such a wide spectrum, what one thing would you change in the world, if you had the power to do so?

I think I would change the hatred that people have for others.

What a wonderful world that would be, too. I have to say I have really enjoyed this little opportunity to get to know you better, Michael, and I especially want to thank you for talking about so many of the things that are really important to you. What would you say to sharing a bit of a story that's close to your heart, tomorrow?

I'd love to do that, Lilly.

Wonderful. I'll look forward to it, then.


  1. Wonderful interview! Lilly, you're showing your wanderlust again! LOL And Michael, as always, your calling shines through like the beacon God means it to be.

  2. Great interview, Michael and Lilly. Michael, I'm with you. I wonder how someone cannot see God and appreciate His creation. It just takes admiring the seemingly endless sky or gazing into my grandbaby's perfect little face to appreciate God's creativity. God bless your work, Michael.

  3. Thank you, Donna and Dora! Too many people go through life with their eyes half-closed, unable to see the wonder of God's handiwork.

    Thank you for your encouragement. Happy New Year!

  4. I related to what you said Michael. Have many times been heartbroken that others can't see what we see. Sounds like a great attack plan to share what is on the other side of the glass through stories like these.

  5. Hello, Donna and Dora... thanks for stopping by during the still-busy holiday time. Donna, I do try to keep that wanderlust stuff under wraps, but apparently not enough, as it keeps showing up everywhere, anyway!

    And Dora, I'm with you and Michael when it comes to seeing God in nature... not to mention the miracle of life itself. Sometimes, I think that's what people are feeling when they say they had a "spiritual experience" when they were out and about in some natural wonder.

    Dave... what a nice surprise. I always love it when you show up, as we think so much alike. Someone else used stories to teach God's principles, too, and He was very successful at it. So, I think Michael is in good company!

  6. Thanks, Dave! You're right - it is the plan to try and bring the truth to light, through allegory. It might seem strange that I'm proclaiming truth through a fictional tale - but, like Lilly said in her great review - what if this book is true?

    I hope you enjoy the book! God bless.

  7. Lovely to find out a little more about you :) Grandad used to talk about the Welsh Revival all the time. He was born just after it.

  8. Thanks for stopping by, Clare! I would have loved to experience those times - I pray that we might have a return to revival here in my little corner of the world.

    God bless and Happy New Year!