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The Unexpected Jayne Self (part two)...

We're back, again, with the mysteriously unexpected, Jayne Self...


ready to pick up where we left off, yesterday, when we ran out of time. Let's see, I believe we were discussing the nuances of creating characters. And I was wondering if you think up characters to fit into your plots, Jayne, or think up plots to fit your characters...

I suspect my initial ideas are plot related, although thoughts of character jump in almost immediately. I toy with both, trying to decide if they’re a good fit for each other. Sometimes they are, and the writing flows quickly. At other times I must rework and readjust. It then depends on which I’m more enamored with, the plot or the character, when I choose which stays and which moves on.

There seems to be so many more decisions involved in writing mysteries! But you must like that. What do you enjoy most about writing them?

What I enjoy most about writing mysteries is writing characters. And, it's true, I love exploring the nuances of each personality. I know this is not unique to writing mysteries, all stories are driven by character. But this genre allows me to explore people’s hurts and foibles in a way I don’t think that I would do, if I didn’t write mystery.

Hmm… more evidence that being involved with so many different people is an asset to your craft. That and having a lot of life experiences of your own. Which I'm sure you have, because I've heard you've lived in many different places, and done a lot of traveling. Looking back, which was your favorite?

Being a Canadian is an immense privilege. Canada is a wonderful country, vast, wild, beautiful. I’ve lived from Victoria, on the west coast, to our Nova Scotian cottage on the east, loving every place for its uniqueness. I feel most privileged to have lived in Labrador. That's the expansive, thinly populated region bordering north-eastern Quebec. I remain passionate about every aspect of our time there, from the isolation and natural splendor, to the cultural and life-style differences Labradorians take for granted. And outsiders would never imagine. 

Things like morning sky so pale it’s yellow. The green northern lights dancing across the night. Summer roads, and winter roads, and roads that end while the land goes on and on. Moose, wolves, and caribou… ravens, eagles, and little white ptarmigan with feathered feet. Grocery stores without milk, towns without fresh produce. Buckets of salt pork, and racks of sun dried fish. It was spectacular.

Ah, it sounds like you have the heart of an adventurer, too. A lot of those things would scare the socks off most people. And so would performing in public, which I understand you are also very good at. Especially music. What kind of music are you involved in?

 Whether I’m awake or asleep, there is always music running through my head. I listen to and enjoy almost all styles, but as I grow older, I admit loud, rambunctious music has less appeal. Music is an integral part of my worship. It is a gift I give back to the Lord. Because of that I have been involved in choirs, choral groups and solo vocals for –yikes!—fifty years.

Don't worry, we won't go there. How about telling what manuscript you're working on right now?

 I have just finished Death of Highland Heavyweight, my next Seaglass Mystery for Harbourlight Books. I’m not sure what comes next. I have a few unfinished projects on my computer right now. Any suggestions?

Personally, I favor the fisher-folk, as their children are absolutely amazing, and they are always being stretched to their limits. Whether by the economy, or the weather, or all the crazy regulations they have to abide by. But I'm sure whatever characters you come up with will be as intriguing as the others, simply because you are such a character, yourself. Which brings me to the subject of that video about yourself that I so enjoyed. 

Yes, I enjoy that every time I see it. It's where I first realized how pleasantly unexpected you are, Jayne, and immediately wanted to get to know you better. Which I'm sure others will, too. So, do you happen to have a newsletter? If so, how often do you send it out and what do you write about?

Do I have a newsletter? Oh, the guilt, the guilt! I know I should. And I’m working on it, really I am. But right now blogging over at is the best I’ve managed. People can definitely catch up with me there.

Well, I will be looking in on you over there, for sure, because it's been a real pleasure visiting with you, this week, Jayne, and I hope you'll come back often.

Thank you, Lilly,  and God Bless!


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  2. Jayne, you simply have to get Labrador into one of your books!

    Lilly, great interview. And I loved the bit on Wednesday about Jayne's being between the Legion and it's cannon and the church and the garden.Hmm...

  3. Thanks, Lilly, its been great fun. I'll be delighted to come back and visit as often as you'll have me!

  4. Hello, N.J. Lindquist... nice to meet you! I would love to see Labrador as the setting for one of Jayne's novels, too. It reminds me of Alaska (where the Captain and I have a little cabin in the woods), and is peopled with the most amazing real-life characters. So glad you stopped by, today!

    And, Jayne... you are family, now, so I hope you will "make yourself at home," here, anytime!

  5. I enjoyed this part two as much as the first installment. Outstanding job, ladies!!

  6. I couldn't help laughing. I love the video! As well as Hum Harbour! Such a quirky little mystery. I loved how the heroine just jumped every which way with her conclusions. Great story and lovely interview!

  7. Hello, LoRee and Donna... Jayne has definitely been a fun person to interview, and I absolutely loved that video, too. I had a hard time not making another installment, but I'll leave some secrets to uncover when her next book comes out.

    Right, Jayne?

    Thanks so much for stopping by, ladies, and for all the nice comments, too!