Lilly Maytree is in Alaska today...

Lilly Maytree is in Alaska, today...looking for adventure and divine appointments. Want to follow along? Enter her ARMCHAIR TRAVELERS PORTAL


Lilly Maytree's MYSTERY TOUR...

The time is fast approaching when the Captain and I will set out on our long-awaited MYSTERY TOUR. In honor of GOLD TRAP (my "book of the year"), we have some very mysterious places lined up to visit. It's a five month long journey that will take us to some of the most amazing spots you can find. We will be traveling by planes, trains, cars, and boats. Mostly boats, as that is the Captain's favorite. Sometimes, we will even be traveling with friends. Because things are so much better when you share.

Along the way, we will be keeping in touch through weekly video logs, and live chats from many unusual locations. And there will be activities and contests, too, all with our "Armchair Travelers" in mind. So, get your ticket and come along with us, dear readers! The festivities start this month, and all you have to do is click on the ticket, above, to sign on. As I always say, when you can't get away, yourself, armchair traveling is the next best thing.

Oh, yes... and don't forget to keep an eye on this blog over the next couple of days, because my first destination is going to be something I've never done before. Heavens, I certainly hope I can handle it. Actually, I have a sort of premonition about the whole thing, and sometimes wonder if I should listen to it, or just go ahead.

What would you do?


  1. Dear readers... my apologies for not having a submit button on my "ticket machine." All fixed, now, if you would like to give it another try. Sheesh, beg pardon, and all that sort of thing...

  2. Such a wonderful adventure!

  3. Thank you... I hope you will consider joining us!