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The Goose Chase Gazette...

It is said there is always a little truth in every legend, and I guess that's why they hang on so long. It is also said that truth is often stranger than fiction. And I guess these two things together is what makes treasure hunting such a draw. No matter how far the stories are stretched, we all know for a fact that "stranger things have happened." So, why not look into this little bit of mystery? Besides, if by some chance, there is really something out there...

Well, my goodness, it might be worth a fortune.

That' the first draw. The second (if you have ever followed through on the first) is even stronger. Not only is searching for it great fun, it always leads to some sort of adventure. Because whenever you get out in the "great outdoors" there is adventure. An element of the unknown. It's exciting in a way that being indoors never is. And being in this environment is an automatic set-up for the third thing, should it ever happen to you. If it does happen...

You will be hooked. Guaranteed. 

And you will be back over and over, even if it never happens, again. All you have to do is find something, once. There are several names for it, and one of them is Gold Fever. I have had this, myself, for quite a few years. I have never found much gold, but I've had lots of fun and adventure. And even though I've learned things like a lot of legends are just rumors, and most treasure maps are fake... I don't really mind. I've been warned that following up on such things most often leads to what is known as a "wild goose chase." But I find those to be great fun, too.

When my good friend Carol Brown was looking into one of these legends and ran into something of a dead end, she said, "Oh, pooh. I guess I've been reading THE GOOSE CHASE GAZETTE!" And I liked that idea so much I decided that should be the way we explain such happenings on the MYSTERY TOUR (thank you, Carol!). So, if you ever see the cover of this magazine, dear readers, you can be sure we've been off on the wrong trail, again. But even so, I'm sure we will have had a very good time!

Have you voted for which areas we should look into? You can do that over on my ARMCHAIR TRAVELERS PORTAL. Meanwhile, have a great weekend! 


  1. I LOVE your Goose Chase Gazette!

    The cover is perfect!

  2. Thank you, Carol... I'm wondering if I shouldn't start taking submissions from anyone else that's been on one of these. Might be something we can learn from them...