Lilly Maytree is in Alaska today...

Lilly Maytree is in Alaska, today...looking for adventure and divine appointments. Want to follow along? Enter her ARMCHAIR TRAVELERS PORTAL


One Man's Treasure is Another Man's…

What people think about boats is personal. Some like all the bells, whistles, and latest high-tech instruments. Some like how fast they can go. Some like how slow. Some like them mostly as a place to hang out with their friends, and some especially like tinkering with the engine. Which is why it could take a while before we find the one that is a perfect fit for our personalities. But we know it's out there, somewhere, and we are looking hard, because this will probably be the last one we buy in our lifetime. And having had four, already, we know exactly what we want this time.

We are having a great time exploring places along the Puget Sound while we look for it. In the week we've been here, we've looked in Tacoma, Port Angeles, Paulsbo, Port Orchard, and Port Townsend. Every one of them lovely places. And we've seen some lovely boats and met some lovely people, too. But none of those boats were the GLORY B. We'll know it when we see it, though. And in the meantime…

Looking is half the fun!

To keep things rolling before we head out for the next destination on our MYSTERY TOUR, I've started a new contest over on my ARMCHAIR TRAVELERS PORTAL. So, feel free to paddle on over there if you'd like to get in on that. And in the meanwhile, if you hear of any boats for sale that you think might be what we're looking for… let us hear about it! And don't forget any of our Armchair Travelers who would like to meet us in one of our locations and go for a ride… pack your bags and we'll do some adventuring together. Boats are much more fun when you share.

Come to think of it, everything in life is like that.

Anybody out there think this "treasure hunt" is crazier than gold panning?

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