Lilly Maytree is in Alaska today...

Lilly Maytree is in Alaska, today...looking for adventure and divine appointments. Want to follow along? Enter her ARMCHAIR TRAVELERS PORTAL


The Next Big Thing...

Are the Captain and I done looking for gold? Not on your life, dear readers. We're only finished with the Rocky Mountains for this year. But we're on a much bigger gold circuit on my 2012 MYSTERY TOUR, one that touches a few of the largest gold rushes in history. However, we are taking a side trip here on the west coast for the next couple of weeks to search for the GLORY B. ... which you can find out more about over on my ARMCHAIR TRAVELERS PORTAL

Meanwhile, tomorrow is the "big birthday party" for that most entertaining of all pigs, SASSY PANTS, who has been busy trying to make amends for some friendships she broke. To celebrate, I will be interviewing author Carol A. Brown over on LILLY'S BOOK CLUB page. And don't forget, you will be able to get many wonderful free gifts if you buy the book on this very special day.

So, if you have any kids (or friends) in your family, you might want to tell them.

I know I'm going to!

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