Lilly Maytree is in Alaska today...

Lilly Maytree is in Alaska, today...looking for adventure and divine appointments. Want to follow along? Enter her ARMCHAIR TRAVELERS PORTAL



The last winner of theCaptain's Hat drawing has been posted. Many thanks to everyone who commented, I truly enjoyed meeting you all. And now GOLD TRAP is shortly to embark on a MYSTERY TOUR. But first, a few loose ends to sort out...

In the hustle of packing for the long journey ahead, I lost a day somewhere. Time definitely got away from me, but there's no need to worry, as I always find my way back sooner, or later. However, I have also misplaced some ARMCHAIR TRAVELERS along the way, and that is most disturbing. 

Pilot error (again!), I must confess, because I apparently don't know how to set the alert mechanism on my google docs form (any suggestions, please leave them in the comment area). This is truly worse than not being able to find my other self on Facebook (I still don't understand why there has to be three of me on there), because when it is only me that is lost, at least I know I'm all right. And that I will eventually get somewhere as long as I keep paddling. But to lose a little group of my travelers is entirely unacceptable. 

So, I will be doing my utmost to gather you all up over the next week, and if you don't hear from me with your ticket information by Friday, please send up a smoke signal over on my Facebook page… or twiddle me on twitter… or make a mention in the comment section of this blog, and I will paddle right over and pick you up. 

Let me encourage you not to be deterred by this little mishap. The nice thing about armchair traveling is that you get all of the adventure without any of the risk. And the only thing the Captain and I will require of you is -- if we don't show up at one of our destinations -- that you would please tell somebody and send out the troops. But more about that, later.

This second part of our journey will be by car, so that we can explore some of the backroads of Victor, Colorado. There is a bit of an unsolved mystery there, having to do with gold. Not to mention some very important divine appointments. So, hold onto your hats, dear readers… departure is only a few days away…


  1. waves. still here. I have your blog linked on my blogger dashboard so I can't lose it :)

  2. Carol here. Did you lose me? Let me know if there is a rope I can tie to your boat...or car, or airplane, ferry!

    The blog hop is done and we survived, mostly. Blessings.

  3. Hello, Clare and Carol... I am throwing out a lifeline! Armchair Traveler ticket information is going out tomorrow, and you will both be on the top of my list. Thanks for speaking up, I'm thrilled you both "signed on." We are going to have some exciting times. Now I'm off to pick up more stragglers...