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The winner of the Captain's Hat drawing for day four of the John 3:16 Blog Hop has been posted. If it wasn't you, try again!  I'm going to give another ebook copy of GOLD TRAP away, today... 

I love adventure. There's no secret about that. Which is probably why I like reading about adventure, too. I especially like reading about people out of history who have done things I would hope I would have the courage to do, if faced with a similar situation. In this day and age of total luxury that has evolved into necessity in many places, it's hard to imagine the things some folks have had to live through in our own near history. There are people who have told about these things and written about them so well, that you come away feeling almost as if you had had the experience, yourself.

Rather amazing.

One of the books I have in my summer reading library is just this kind of book. It is called NIGHT OF THE COSSACK by Tom Blubaugh, and is the retelling (in novel form) of an incident that happened in his own family history. I confess, I have read the first chapter of this book, too. I can't help it, the same thing happens to me when I bring books home from the library… I get so excited, I have to read the first chapter of each before I can settle down enough to pick which one to start with. Anyway, this exciting book is second on my list to read on my summer travels. And I have a feeling it will be a very quick read, as this is one of my absolute favorite types of adventure stories. The account of a boy's transformation into a man.

It starts off with a disaster (often a major turning point in people's lives, eh?) and I don't have to tell you how hard it was for me to tuck that one away for summer. I'll let you know how it affects me, and if I find anything of value to bring back into my own world. But, once again, you don't have to wait for my opinion. You can get it yourself, instantly, over at the kindle store. Just click on the book cover to go there. 

Come back and tell me what you think. Oh, and don't forget to head over to the John 3:16 Blog if you would like a chance to win one of the two Kindles they are giving away. Really quite the revolution in reading.

I think you're going to like it.

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  2. This blog hop has been very enjoyable.

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  5. Hello, Anastasia... thank you for the kind words (and the follow!), and for coming by to visit, today. Happy hopping!

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  7. Hi, Sandy... I agree, the Blog Hop has been wonderful. I really enjoyed visiting over on your blog, today, as well, and am now very excited to read THEY STOOD ALONE. Oh, yes, and I followed you, too...

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