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In the John 3:16 Blog Hop, you will find something for everybody. That's because there are nearly two hundred (maybe more, now) dedicated authors who are committed to getting good books -- inspiring books -- into the hands of readers. They will literally go "the second mile" to get their books out there. And while you can find a great variety of categories, I have to confess I usually stick to the few I like most to read in. I think everybody does. Because no matter how organized any of us are, none of us gets more than twenty-four hours in our day. 
on Amazon, today!

But I have a lot of gifts to buy throughout the year. And a huge variety of personalities (and ages) on my list of people to buy for. Of course, there's no way I can read all the books I buy for everyone. I used to, but my family kept expanding. Now, I have to depend on perusing a chapter, or two, and reviews. I put a lot of store in reviews. Still, the amount of time it takes to comb through books online until you find something that fits, is another matter. 

Which is why I was so extremely pleased to discover the John 3:16 Network's anthology of first chapters called TASTE AND SEE. What a boon! Now I can browse through a distilled collection of excellent literature for almost any age and type, without always having to wade through hundreds to find something appropriate. 

For instance, I came across a delightful two-book set by Carol Brown, called SASSY PANTS and SASSY PANTS MAKES AMENDS. I don't mind saying I read both of those straight through, even though they were for kids. And you know what I think? 

I think there are a lot of adults out there that could do with reading that book, too. What a beautiful explanation of not only what "making amends" means, but how to do it. Not to mention the lively writing style and all the fun characters. But there's a message hidden in there… a very important one. I'm so glad I met Carol Brown and her books (she writes wonderful adult books, too) because it has definitely been a pleasure. One I would have missed out on, if I hadn't discovered the John 3:16 Marketing Network.

Have you found any new books you would like to add to your summer library? Feel free to share them with me (I'm always on the lookout for good books). I hope, by now, you're enjoying some unexpected pleasures along the John 3:16 blog hopping trail, too!


  1. still hoping to find my name in that winners box! great hopping and meeting new authors -
    definitely agree diff readers have diff interests to take into acct when gift buying !
    for holidays and personal down time i really love a great chick lit lite !
    heavier reads seem to be all for review and i can't just do those ;)
    plus all the nonfiction i read for self learning and teaching ...
    wow - doesn't leave much time in my days!
    hoping you have a lovely wknd :))

  2. Hello, Ms. Faith Hope Cherrytea... your persistence paid off! You are the winner of the Captain's Hat drawing for today. Hope you enjoy GOLD TRAP when you're taking a break from your busy days. Meanwhile, thanks for stopping by, again, it's been very nice meeting you!